As I take bus to commute between work and home now, I have more experience on Sydney bus rides. When I was in high school, I took bus to school as well. And just like the young days, I try to leave house as early as possible to beat the traffic jam and get a seat on the bus. It was quite difficult to get a seat on the way to school or home when I was in Taiwan, the buses were usually full with other students and people going to work. Here, I have no problem getting a seat in the early morning, and the traffic is not bad at all. Consider the bus goes through one of the busiest road in Sydney.The bus drivers in the morning drive more sensible I think. They don't really rush and drive every where on the road. The situation is some times totally different in the afternoon. I get on the bus at the beginning of bus route in the afternoon, so it is never a problem for me to find a seat. Which is a very good thing, because I may fall down if I have to stand all the way home.

Like today, the afternoon bus driver was driving like a maniac. He was on time, so I couldn't see any reason for him to rush all the way. He parked the bus far away from the bus stops few times, and wanted to leave the stops as soon as possible, so some people didn't have a chance to get on the bus. He was driving all over on the road, and did many emergency breaks. Imagine this, big bus with emergency break, I nearly fell off the chair.

I don't mind the bus drivers drive fast, but need to be sensible. I like to get home early, but I want to get home in one piece more.

I do enjoy the bus ride though, as I can see what's on either side of the street. There are quite a few interesting shops that I didn't know they exist before. Quite a few factory outlets too, maybe I'll go visit them after I get a car.