Do I understand what love is? I think not! I believe when you love someone, you would do everything for that person. Oh yeah, I'm not talking about the love for your parents, relatives or the world. I'm talking about the narrow definition of love, romantic kind.When you love someone, you would want to be with that person all the time, maybe separate for a little while, but you get to miss that person if separate for too long. You want that person to be happy, so you'd let that person to do whatever, as long as it's within the boundary. You wouldn't feel good if that person is also involved with someone else.

I think I'm in love with someone, but I am not too sure. I don't mind he's actually with another person, so maybe it's not real love I'm experiencing. Maybe it's just lust. I miss him if I don't get to see him for a while. I'm very happy when I'm with him, nothing matters any more. However, I don't want to take him for my own only.