Today is the last day of May. Winters comes officially tomorrow. It's getting colder and colder in the morning. The lowest tempeture is 9º only. It's really difficult for me to get out of the bed these days. I wake up when it is still dark and cold. No problem to wake up at all, the problem is getting out of the bed. However, that only takes 5 seconds for me to jump out of the bed. Need a lot of determinations, if don't have enough courage, I'll never get out of the bed.The next terrible time is on the way to bus station and wait for bus to come. As the bus station is on a busy road, there are many cars driving by even before 7am, especially big trucks. And when those trucks drive pass, they create wind. My My, I nearly freeze my butt off. So these days, I wear a beanie and scarf when I leave home in the morning, try to keep myself as warm as possible.

Even though it's cold, it's not as cold as the winters in New York. This morning, I remembered the ear protection I had when I was in New York. That was a cute one, and had fur to keep my ears warm. The air was freezing when it was winter in New York. Although the air is still cold, it's not as bad as New York. No matter what, I still like winter better than summer.

I think the biggest problem I'm having at the moment is that my bedroom is very humid. Every night when I get into the bed, it's not just cold, it also feels damp, which is very uncomfortable. I bought that moisture absorber thing to try to get rid of the humidity, but it's not working very well. If I have the money, I'll get a machine to suck all the extra moisture out of the air.