I'm sick, again :(

It started last night. Went to have lunch and played mahjong with friends in the afternoon. Then went to another friend's place for dinner. It was very cold yesterday, and body was sore for nearly whole day. At one stage, I could not feel anything with my hands, they were numb.

Actually, I believe it was because of the raining on Friday afternoon. It was freezing and rain was pouring down. I did not have my umbrella with me, but I had a leather jacket, the jacket prevented me from getting wet, but it could not stop the wind and cold air getting into my system.

Didn't get home till 12:30 midnight last night, quickly had a shower and then went to bed. Think I had a serious fever last night, it felt like my body set the bed on fire, but I was still cold. The heat my body created and warmed the bed gave me a little comfort.

I cannot believe that I can get sick so easily these days. It seems like I catch cold a few times during the past two winters. It just feels terrible, sore throat, sore body, headache, and feel really really cold. Don't want to do anything besides staying in bed.

The news just reported that it will be 15º maximum tomorrow. I am not very sure what to wear to keep myself warm in the early morning. I am still under probation period, so I don't want to take a sickie. I do hope they ask me to go home tomorrow after seeing how sick I am. I think I'm off to bed now, body still sore.