My work requires a lot of attention to details, so I don't bill the customers the wrong amount of money to prevent the company loose money or loose customers. I can't generate a purchase order with wrong amount of money that can cause the computer to loose money or damage the relationship with other companies.

It sounds easy, but it's actually hard to practice. After receiving invoices from other companies, I have to check if they have billed us the right amount, and this is the easy part. Also have to check if all the invoices for the same product have been received, if not, I have to chase them up, and it can take up to 3 weeks. Before billing the customers, I have to check if they really have the products. It can be difficult if a customer has ordered more than 50 products, and I have to find the exact match out of them.

I also have to check if the price in our system reflects the price on the invoice we received. If not, I'd have to change the price. If the price jumps too much, I also need to provide a copy to the managers so that we meet some sort of standard. Hence, there's a lot of copying and archiving to be done.

If the customer decides not to have a particular product any more, I'll have to contact other companies to cancel the product.

I have to admit, I'm not really that detailed person. Just made a mistake today, luckily, there was a way to fix it. However, it would not sound good if the invoices go out to the customers. That is what I'm afraid of for this job. I think I'll just have to be more careful, and spending more time on checking and rechecking. It's not difficult, just very time consuming, but someone has to do it. I think it can help me to practice my patience.

So far, I have put my hands on almost everything that's within my job description, and they are easy, besides the checking part. I am not very sure if I really like this job or not though. Doesn't feel that challenge for me.