I think it is more and more expensive to raise kids, much more expensive than when I was a kid. Remember when I was young, almost every family has only one television, these days, all most all the kids have their own television, even if just a small and cheap one. You may say, yeah, just a small and cheap one, somethings are cheaper now then old days. But what about computers, laptops, iPods, video games and mobile phones. 

I remember the very first computer I used was an Apple, the screen only had green color, and I used it to do those ASCII pictures. I think that was around when I was ten years old, I believe it was considered as a luxruy item for most households. I didn't know where my parents got that computer from, I don't really think they bought it til this day.

Then new things started to come out, and my parents had bit more disposable income. My brother and I had our very first video game console, and our very first game was Mario brothers. Yep, the first generation of Mario brothers. I remember I had my own walkman to listen to cassette, then portable CD player to listen to CDs. The reason I got a CD player was because someone gave me a CD as a birthday gift. In order to listen to it, I had to buy a CD player. However, I never had a B.B. call or pager, even though I wanted one.

Then I had my first computer, when I was nearly 20 years old. I had a computer so I didn't have to go to computer labs at school to finish my assignments on the due day. I had my own television, fridge, sofa, dinning table, bed and other things. When I said my own in here, I meant I bought those things myself, because I was away from home and study. Then I got a car and a mobile phone. Growing up, it's not cheap.

I don't have a car at  the moment, but going to buy one very soon. In fact, I'm going car shopping this weekend. I think I'm going to buy Yaris, although I think it's pretty ugly, it's cheap, which is the best choice I have at the moment.

Where was I? Oh Yeah, talking about now and then. Just recently, a television show said some standard equipments a kid has these days are: a laptop, iPod, and a mobile phone. Those are what they carrying around these days. Then there are portable video games, xbox, PS, desktop computers and others. I am not sure if I'll be willing to buy those for my kids.