It was a long weekend, Monday was Queen's Birthday, so it was a public holiday in N.S.W.. Some states have different days to celebrate Queen's Birthday, I think we are celebrating different queens. Of course, they are English Queens, there is no Queen nor King in Australia. Or you can say England Queen and King are Australia Queen and King?

Since it was a long weekend, I did quite a few things. On Saturday, my friends took me to this car dealer, and I bought Yaris from the dealer. It's just the most basic model, but has almost everything I want besides alloy wheels. So I added few more dollars to have after market alloy wheels to be fitted. The original Toyota 14" alloy wheels are not only ugly, but also expensive. They don't worth that amount of money. However, I won't get my car till mid August or even later. Confirmed with the guy whom I bought the car from, my car will be built in Japan in July, and then shipped to Australia afterwards. He said he'll be able to find out more details in mid July.

On Sunday, I went to a temple and pray, pray for Gods to look after my family, my friends, and myself. There are many different status in this temple, so I prayed many times. Similar wishes, some were different. At the end, I prayed for world peace. Sounds gay, I know, but I do hope there is no more hunger nor war in this world. Then I asked question about marriage, I wanted to know if I would meet someone nice and get married. I asked two different God, both gave me middle up side answers. One said if I know the guy by myself or through family members or friends, I need to spend more time to understand that person. Not to be irrespectful, but how else I can know someone not through myself, family members, nor friends? The other answer just said not to push for it. When it's time, it'll come.

That was Sunday morning when I went to the temple, in the afternoon, I went to Ikea. Bought quite a few small things. A very big cup, a soup cup actually, but I'm going to use it as a coffee cup. I used it today, but I didn't have enough coffee left at home. I did buy a new jar of coffee yesterday, but I left it at home and forgot to bring it to work with me today. Besides all those, we also did the usual mahjong sessions on both Saturday and Sunday afternoon.  Oh Yeah! A friend of my friend had a baby on Sunday. Something like one month earlier, premature baby. However, I think most people have enough neutorious, it should not be a problem.

After raining for more than a week, it finally stopped on Sunday morning. We had a little joke among ourselves about this long period of raining. A friend of mine asked me if I could ask my dad to bring two fold-able umbrellas from Taiwan next time when he comes, because she thought Taiwan makes strong umbrellas. Another friend of mine was also there, and he said we didn't need an umbrella in Australia, it only drizzles here, never rains, that's why they call it draught in Australia. That was first of June, and the rain started pouring down on second of June, until 11th of June, saved only 7th of June with no rain. We all laugh at the guy, saying it's karma, because he said there's no rain in Australia, it rained just to show him.