strawberry_point1.gif Maybe it's not such a good idea to listen to iPod while walking on the street, on the bus, or riding a bicycle. It is not for safety reason for me, just I find that while I'm listening to iPod on the road, I am totally cut off from what's happening around me. I can't heard the sound of cars, alright, that's bit dangerous. I can't hear what's on radio on the bus, or what the driver or other passengers talk about. Drivers talk to passengers when they need to change route due to traffic condition. Some passengers talk about funny things on the bus.

strawberry_point1.gif Some people on the bus are just stupid. They talk so loud like they are deaf. However, they are not really deaf, otherwise they would use sign language. They people are just ignorant, and most of them are school kids, trying to show off or something. The other ones are people talking on mobile so loud that everyone can hear him/her. You don't have to shout while talking on mobile phone you know? If you do have to shout due to bad reception, maybe you should consider to change the carrier? There was this woman sitting behind me on the bus, and she was talking on her mobile all the time when she was on the bus. She was so loud that I could every word clearly even I had my iPod turned very loud. She kept calling other people and talk talk and talk. Man… I really want to tell her to stop calling other people and give everyone some peace. If other people want to talk to her, they'll call her, don't need her to call everyone. Was she trying to tell other people that she's important? She has to be on the phone all the time? And everyone just likes to talk to her a lot? Or it just showed how pathetic she is that she couldn't have one quiet moment by herself?

strawberry_point1.gif Body is really amazing, it knows how to fix itself. If you want to sleep when you are sick or sad, that means your body senses that you are not feeling well and need a rest. Sleep is the best way towards recovery. I'm saying this not because I like to sleep, but from personal experience. Every time when I have flu and fever, I may not go to see doctor, I just sleep, maybe just one day or two days sometimes. When I feel sad, my head feels heavy, my body feels tired, and I don't want to do anything. However, after a night of sleep, I always wake up happily and full of energy. I believe when I sleep, my body doesn't need to do other necessary things, such as thinking and moving, so it can concentrate on fixing the problem parts. I don't know if there is any scientific research and result to support this, but that's how I feel.

strawberry_point1.gif The other day, I was waiting for my friend to finish work at Martin Place, next to Pitt street. It was 5 o'clock in the afternoon, people finish work and on the way home or pub. There were a lot of cars on Pitt street and there's a traffic light so pedestrians can cross Pitt street. However, the traffic light there is just for decoration. Pedestrians just across the road if the cars were not moving. Also, most drivers stopped completely when it's red light, even though they were stopped in the middle of pedestrian crossing area, but some drivers just didn't care and kept going when the cars at the front cleared out. I don't know if they are stupid or just ignorant, the traffic light there changes pretty fast, there is no point to be hurry for that one second.