I don’t really like the place I’m living at the moment. This area is very humid, and now is winter, I feel very uncomfortable and cold in here. A wet cold that kind of cold. My bed is always freezing when I get in every night. I don’t really want to use the heater, because it uses too much electricity.

This place also lack of hot water. Hot water is supplied by a little tank heated by electricity. The water turns cold if I need to wash hair in the shower, so I always try to wash as fast as possible. All the taps are leaking, even after I turn them off very tightly. The toilet is not in good condition either.

And the real estate agent I rent this place from is terrible. They don’t accept cash over the counter, because they said it’s dangerous to keep the cash in the shop. However, they don’t provide deposit books for tenants to pay rent, they asked tenants to use bank or personal cheques, money order, or something called Ezi-Pay. All three methods have overhead which tenants have to absorb themselves.

Maybe I should move again. But I have no idea when my car will arrive, it’s much easier to find a place with a car. I can drive to anywhere at anytime, don’t need to find out the time schedules for public transports.