I nearly forgot something happened last Tuesday. I just arrived at the bus stop in city, waiting for the bus while listening music on my iPod. I usually turn the music loud enough that I can’t really listen to what is happening around me. As I was looking at one side for the bus, listening to iPod and also using my mobile to sms someone, I couldn’t really see what was happening on the other side. However, I could feel that someone was really close to me.

Call it a instinct, because I like to have my own personal space around me, and it’s a very big space, I don’t like to get to close to other people who I don’t know on the street or in the public. Hence, as soon as someone gets inside of my space, I can sense it. So I turned my head to the other side, and there was this guy sort of leaning towards and saying something. I couldn’t hear him at first through the head phones, but I could see his mouth was moving. So I took off the head phones, then he said “Oh I’m sorry to disturb you”, I smiled back and said “Don’t worry”.

At that time I thought he was going to ask for where to take which bus or something like that. I smiled just try to be polite. Then he said “I noticed you when you crossed the road, you have a nice smile, can I have your number?” What The?!?! So I said no, and he kept saying he’s not crazy and things like that. I just kept saying no for four or five times, and he gave up.

I think I was bit shocked so I didn’t know what else I should say or ask. After I got on the bus, I thought I should have asked him why he wanted my number. Maybe he wanted to have a number to do some illegal things, like obtaining bank account details, or open an illegal business with my phone number. Or worse, stealing my identity. Who knows how many details can be found out through just one mobile number if someone really wants to.

Of course, there is another reason, he wasn’t cute. He’s bit older than middle age. That made me wondering, what kind of men I’m attracting from? Old men? Because I’m getting older?!