I have been complaining how cold this winter is over and over, but I still want to complain, it’s really cold. Last night, I had to sleep with clothes on, that’s how cold it was. It has been raining again for the past few days and won’t stop for the following few days. It’s really cold and wet this winter.

Though I don’t really like when it’s raining when I have to go out, I appreciate the rain. Here lacks of rain, a lot of water restrictions. Even with these many days of rain, the water level is still low, because only a bit of rain falls in the catchment area, the water level of the dam is still not high enough. What’s worse, only a little bit rain falls in the areas need water the most, the farms. That’s is why the farmers over here are having such a hard time.

My colleague told me that her relatives live in those area hadn’t seen rain for at least past five years. I don’t know how they survived, imagine a farm without enough water supply. Saw it on the news many times, the cows and sheep died because there was not enough water for grass to grow.

I’m wondering, is Earth really good for human? Or is the Mother Earth punishing the human beings because all the wrongs we have done to it? Everytime when some people are having a good time, enjoying what life has brought to them, or spending big on luxury goods. There are people suffering from war, hunger and sickness at the very same time. Or is it just too heavy to think about all those sufferings?