Haven’t updated here for more than a week now, getting lazier and lazier. The weather is still cold, but today is over 20º, it’s 21º and not raining, which is going to be a beautiful day, but I’ll be staying in the office for the most of the time.

I finally picked up my car on Saturday, and drove a bit on that day. After picking up the car, went to friend’s house and took some friends to lunch then dinner. A friend said I drove auto better than manual, which I agree. Then on Sunday, I drove to the shopping mall to do my grocery shopping. Bought a 24 cans of coca-cola pack, I couldn’t do it when I didn’t have the car, too heavy for me to carry home.

Last night was census night, everyone had to fill out a form either on paper or online. It’s a nation wide survey, to check who’s in Australia and some basic background. They do it every five years over here.

Work has been pretty much the same, just getting busier and busier. I am helping them out on this project, some records were as old as 2002, and it’s difficult for me to find the history as system changed, and the only thing I could find says legacy record. Nothing more, no more detailed explanation.

I have been drinking Metamucil for almost two weeks now, not everyday, when ever I can. It’s some sort of fiber drink to help clean the body inside. The other words, to help me poo easier. Not very sure if it works, as I poo almost everyday as well before. The problem was it didn’t clean out properly. Now, I still go to toilet every morning, just hope it cleans out properly.