I had a dream last week, there was an appointment memo which listed my doctor appointment. It was dated Saturday the 13th, and the appointment was from 11:53 to 11:63. It didn’t make any sense, there’s only 60 minutes in a hour.

I thought it would be some kind of sign and I should buy a lotto ticket. Hence, I bought the ticket yesterday. However, when I was selecting the numbers, there are only 45 numbers in one game, I couldn’t select 53 nor 63. So, I did some manipulation on the numbers. There was another problem, I have to select 5 numbers in one game, and I only had 3 numbers. Come to think of it now, maybe that’s a sign that I wouldn’t win.

Anyway, when I checked the result, only 6 and 13 showed up in the winning numbers. Oh well, I have nothing to complain about.