If I remembered it right, it was some night more than 16 years ago. I was only a senior high school student back then, and on this special night, I was sleeping like a pig just like usual. Then next morning, I had this pain on my back near left lower neck. I think it was because of my bad sleeping position. Since then, it has become a problem for me during the cold winter days. When it at it’s worst, I cannot turn my neck. If I need to check out what’s around me, I have to turn my whole body.

As it was a cold winter, I have been good, wore scarf and warm jackets to keep myself warm. The problem hadn’t happened for the coldest period of this winter until this Monday. The weather was nice last weekend, so I thought I don’t need the scarf any more on Monday before I left home. As soon as I stepped out of the train station, there was this cold wind coming from no where and got into my collar, down to my back. Then I felt there was my neck muscle started to cramp, followed by the muscle around left shoulder area.

On Monday night, I slept with the heat pad on the sore area, it didn’t help much. Tuesday afternoon, I wore my jacket on the way back to train station from the office. It was a warm day, I was sweating a bit when I reached the train station. I found the pain had disappeared, and I was very happy. As soon as I got on the train and sat down, the pain gradually came back. It was one of those new trains, with air conditioning on. But it was just a minor pain.

It’s Thursday today, and the sore is still there. It’s not that serious like before, but it’s annoying.