A friend organized a BBQ last Saturday to celebrate his birthday. The weather on that day was beautiful, no rain, and it wasn’t too cold. He chose Homebush bay, where the 2000 Sydney Olympic was held, and it is not far from where I live. I drove there myself, I wasn’t familiar with the area, so I left home early. Luckily, I got there alright. However, when I got there, some function was going on there, so there was no car park available near the park. I parked the car far away and walked about 15 minutes to that place. Since I was the first one arrived there, I checked with the event organizer to make sure that we were able to use the BBQ pit, then I called my friends to tell them that I’d be waiting for them at the pit instead of the park entrance, and they agreed.

After waiting for few mintues, I got a call from a friend saying that place was too difficult to find and they decided to change to another park nearby. I asked them if they had everything ready, and he said they haven’t found a free BBQ pit yet. He asked me to go there first, then see what happens next. I shouldn’t have agreed, but I did, so I walked all the way back to my car, drove there. Didn’t got out the car when I arrived at that park, because they told me that they couldn’t find an empty BBQ pit to use, so we all had to go back to where I was. OKAY! Drove back to the first park, parked my car even further than originally where I parked. And I had to walk through this ring thing to the first park.

This ring thing is a huge walk path high up over a lake. I am afraid of height, so I nearly cried as soon as I found out I was several meters away from the ground. It took me more than ten minutes to walk through half of the ring. However, it was that scary when I walked over it again back to my car.

Besides the hiccup at the beginning, the BBQ was quite good. I was stuffed. I sat down and started eating as soon as I arrived there, I was really really hungry at that time because I didn’t have lunch and dinner after a huge breakfast the day before. They prepared so much food that some had to be thrown away. We also had free music thanks to the function that was held there.