As my workload is not much at the moment, I have a lot of free time. Until later this year. So I try to find as much things I can do, and help other people out.

On Wednesday, I was given a project, there are three hundred something entries that I have to go through each one of them and find out more about their details. Out of three hundred something, 14 of them were on high priority which needed to be done and reported back by today. Originally, I thought I just need to find the details and give my recommendations, which I thought was easy, wouldn’t take too much time. I handed in the result of my research on the same day. On Thursday morning, I got reply from the manager, saying all the recommendations I provided on those 14 sounds good, so I should action on them.

That’s where I found the challenge, because in order to solve them, I need to talk to the customers. I haven’t talked to many customers since I joined this company as I don’t really need to do that. I talked to a few, which leaded to unpleasant experiences. Because they are arrogant. At the end, I asked other people to contact the customers.

This afternoon, I handed the report again with the results of outcome. Then the team leader said I was doing a good job with this project, and I am good at managing project. I don’t know. I am not sure if I’m really doing a good job or they are just trying to make me feel good. Every time when someone says I’m doing well, I always think that person is trying give me more work to do. It may be a good thing, because they think I’m capable. It may be a bad thing as well, because I will end up with loads and loads of work.

Some times I also think that they praise me in front of me, but they are laughing at me behind me. Don’t ask me why I think this way, I just do. Am I thinking too much for my own good?