A friend of mine has three cats, because his wife loves cats. From what he told me, the first cat just showed up at his door on a full moon. Then they bought the second and third cat. The youngest cat is now 3 years old. With three cats in one house, there are many cat hairs everywhere at their place. And I have been going to their place to play xbox games quite often for the past few weeks, so I have quite a lot of cat hairs stick to my clothes.

I hated cats when I was young, because of an incident happened when I was still in primary school. Then I moved to Australia, a housemate had a female cat, that cat changed my view on cats. I started to learn to like cats, but not as much as dogs. With my friend’s three cats, I like cats more than before, but still cannot compare with dogs.

Their oldest cat is dark grey in color and likes people to rub him. Some times when I stop rubbing him, he’d put his paw on my arm. Just like telling me keep rubbing him. However, if I rub him the wrong way, he’d hiss at me. But that’s all, he doesn’t bite, doesn’t scratch either.

The second cat is an orange color cat, just like Garfield. This cat is the fattest among three, but they told me that’s because he has longer furs. This cat doesn’t really like to mix with human and he doesn’t like people touching him. The only time I can touch him it’s when he’s sleepy because it doesn’t want to move.

The youngest cat is black color with bit of white strips. He’s the only cat with balls and he’s marking his territories everywhere in the house at the moment. But it’s not going to last long, my friends are taking him to the doctor’s in two weeks time. This cat likes to head bang others. Sometimes when my arms are just rested next to my body, he’d jump up and head bang my hand, it doesn’t hurt at all.

Some times I even consider to have a cat instead of a dog, because cats are much quieter. Nah, I don’t think so.