Yesterday a colleague told me that I can expect a large amount of work in November, and the company is expecting more than a million of income from that. She said I may need other people’s help to finish everything on time. Today, another colleague asked me if I have received the large file from the others that related to that. I think it’s nearly time for me to get real busy on my own job.

I am quite busy these few weeks. Two projects on hand, which are not really my job related, I’m just helping other people out. I need to finish one of them by this Friday, which is okay, I nearly finished all, just waiting for feedback from other people. Not sure when I’ll be able to finish the other project, it’s handled by the other person in another department. I am only playing a little part in that project.

I am excited about the big work load that is coming up. At the same time, I’m also scared that I’ll mess it up.