My company organizes a lot of trainings for the employees, the format includes both online and face to face. Courses ranging from computer software to management. Just this week, my team leader enrolled me in this one day coaching session. At first, I was really confused, I asked for training, because I would like to know about our products. I had no idea why he enrolled me in some sort of management training. Still, I was excited. Away from my ordinary job for a day. I learnt a lot of things in this session, including how to increase performance and one of the problem solving techniques.

For the problem sovling, I already know the basic concept, find out what the real problem is. For most people, they are smart enough to have all the solutions. However, due to many interferences, some times it is really hard to lay out these possible solutions and put them in action. The method I learnt in this training was to facilitate the persons who have the problems to articulate the solutions they already have, write them down on a piece of paper, so they’ll have a clear view of the solutions. The amazing thing is, for this method, the person who is doing the helping does not have to give any suggestions, if that person doesn’t have any. Most of the solutions are coming from the person who needs help.

Another important thing I learnt was that performance does not equal capacity plus knowledge. And this is a wake up call for me. Since I joined this company, I have been learning how to use the systems, wanted to know more about the products, and all other stuffs. Because I believed I could increase my performance with all this knowledge. Sometimes I felt overwhelming, I had no idea where I should start and felt frustrated about my performance.

After the training, I understood that knowledge sometimes can reduce one’s performance. The best way to have higher performance is to eliminate interferences. Only when concentrating on how to finish the job and increase the quality of the outcome, one can achieve that. I tried it yesterday, and I had so many things done in one day. Very often, I multitasks, doing several things at one time and worry I couldn’t finish them. Yesterday, I just concentrate one thing at one time, and did not worry about what could happen if I did not finish them. At the end, I finished everything and quite happy with the quality.

I also learnt a lot of other things during the training, and at the end, I realized that this training not only works when coaching other people. It can also help to coach oneself, it helped me a lot. The method I learnt not only helps in working environment, it also helps in day to day live. I already tried it on myself, and I cannot wait to try it on others.