It was a great weekend, friend’s birthday. It’ll all started on Friday night. Dad was here, so I met up with him after work and took him back to my area. I was planning to take him to dinner around 6:30pm. However, he nearly fell asleep on my chair around 5:30pm, so we went dinner before 6:00pm. After dinner, I took him back to his hotel. I was driving, it was the first time he saw my car, and he was excited. He quite liked the car and told me that Mom is taking some driving lessons so when she comes to visit, she can drive my car too.

It was my favourite NRL team, Brisbane Broncos, its semi final game on Friday night as well. At the first half, they played terribly. My friend told me not to watch the game over the phone. When I arrived at his place, the situation changed, my team was catching up. Then before you knew it, my team scored and scored. What a game! Although my team hasn’t been performing well in the past few years, I still think they are the best and I still support them. After winning on Friday night, they are now in the final and will be playing against this year’s favourite this Sunday.

On Saturday, the birthday boy had a BBQ. I met most of his friend’s and some of his families. They are a good bunch of people. But I have to say, his friends are MAD! I bought the birthday boy the newest TMX Elmo, apparently he quite likes the toy. Which is a relief, because I bought it because I thought it was cute, I didn’t know he likes Elmo. Oh! Just in case if you are wondering, I like Elmo *^_^* and it started a few weeks ago when he came to Australia. I don’t know why I didn’t know he’s this cute before. After the BBQ, most people went back to his place and played poker then drinking and chatting. It was really fun. I didn’t get to sleep till very very late that night, or very very early Sunday morning.

Sunday was pretty relaxed. Had lunch with him and his wife at Chinatown, then just stayed at his place and then had a nap over there. Have I told you that I like his wife too?

After a crazy weekend, for me, I was totally wasted on Monday at work. However, it was a really really great weekend! I can’t remember when was the last time I had such fun.