I think I mentioned it before, many times actually. I’m usually pretty free at work, some days I have nothing to do at all, just sit in front of computer and stare at the computer screen, waiting for the 4 o’clock mark. Things have changed since the beginning of this week. I became very busy, no time for chit chat and the only luxury I got in a day was smoke breaks.

I have been waiting for this to happen since I joined this company. Everyone told me the same thing, some time in October, I’d become head over heels, so true. However, it is the boring kind of busy. The job is not exciting at all, I just compare the entries in two spreadsheets. The busy part is that there are more than one thousand entries per spreadsheet, and I need to finish them as soon as possible. Then do it all over again. Until information on both spreadsheet are pretty similar.

Apparently this started at the beginning of October last year. This year, we started two weeks later than scheduled. However, thanks to the person who did it last year, there’s not many differences overall, just a lot of small changes here and there.

Something else happened in the company as well. They are going to restructure a part of operation structure in our department. It affected everyone in another team, and my team mate and me in our team. I am not very sure what is going to happen to my team mate and me yet. I just know only one of us will stay in the same position, and the other one has to apply for another job in the department if available. Seems to me that everyone already knew it would happen, just happened earlier than they expected.

I wasn’t told anything about this when I first joined the company. Although I thought its current structure is bit strange, why the company keeps that team in here while it looks more reasonable if it was at the other country. Then bang, it happened. So they already started planning to move the team to overseas. The manager and team leader talked to me once and asked me how I felt about this and what I am planning to do. I have no idea.