Yesterday before leaving work for the week, I submitted my attendance record, and after taking three hours off on Thursday, I still worked more than what was required on my contract. I was really busy for the past two weeks, I thought I could put it through, but I couldn’t. On Thursday, I couldn’t take it any more, took three hours off and left work to have some rest.

I was really tired on Thursday morning after arriving at work. Couldn’t concentrate on anything, wanted to cry for no reason. At half pass ten, I couldn’t take it anymore, so asked my team leader if I could take off earlier. He asked if I was feeling unwell. I replied yes, but not physically. He understood and allowed it. I asked if I could use personal leave instead of annual leave, he said not to worry, I have been working hard, don’t want me to burn out. Burn out, what a nice phrase to describe my situation at the time.

After leaving at 1pm, I went to my friend’s place and took a bath at his place. What a treat! I felt much better and relaxed after the bath. Had a good night sleep on Thursday night as well. Even though I wasn’t fully recovered, I was ready for work early Friday morning.

I was a bit angry after I arrive at work on Friday morning. Usually I don’t have much work to do, so I help a colleague of mine with her job. I didn’t help her with her job for the past two weeks because I was really busy with my own. On Wednesday, that colleague asked if I am still busy with the thing I am doing. I told her that I finished the first stage and waiting for something from the other department. Before I receive the thing, I have a little bit of time and I’d give it a try, but I cannot promise anything.

Did part of her job for her on Thursday morning, sent her an email saying I wasn’t feeling well, wanted to go home, and if her stuff wasn’t urgent, I’d try to finish on Friday. Friday morning I got her email saying she appreciated I notified her about her stuff, and she’s taking a day off on Friday, so she’ll see me on Monday. What the?! She doesn’t have the time to do her own work but she has the time to take a day off?!?! Was she kidding me?

At the end, I still finished her stuff on Friday because I have finished my own work and the thing I was waiting for hasn’t arrived yet. I needed work to keep me busy to go through the day.