I guess this post could be treated as a follow up from the previous post. I could not sleep last night until nearly 12:30 am, which was quite rare for me. I actually went to bed around 10 o’clock, and tossing myself in bed for nearly two hours, feeling restless, did not feel sleepy at all. Tried to close my eyes, didn’t work. Got out of the bed, had a cigarette or two. While smoking, what the psychic said came into my mind. She said because I think too much, I have problem sleeping. I cannot agree more, I do have sleeping problem. Usually it takes me an hour to fall asleep after I get into bed, but if nothing happens, I can always sleep through the night without any problem. If some thing does happen and I wake up in the middle of the sleep, it would take me another hour or two to fall back to sleep. Maybe I should take sleeping pills instead of exercising. I know I’m lazy :P