My company had the Christmas party on December 12th, which was Tuesday. It kind of sucks because I had to go back to work on Wednesday, I couldn’t get myself drunk. Well, that was what I thought when I first learnt the Christmas party was on Tuesday. We had a retro theme for this year’s party, from 60’s to the 80’s. I don’t really have anything from those decades, but I do have a dress I really wanted to wear for the party. To make it up, I bought a few accessories so I could look a little like people from the 60s.

Before the party started, a lot of people occupied the lady’s in the office to change and make up. After we arrived at the club, I found out not only the girls dressed up, a lot of guys did too.

At first, everyone just sat there, chat, drank and ate finger foods. Around 7pm, company CEO had a little speech then the party really started. It kicked off with the company band, they sang quite a few songs, and my manager is the lead singer. A lot of people were dancing to the songs, I wanted to as well. However, the shoes I was wearing wasn’t too friendly for my feet, I only danced for 2 songs.

I am not too sure what time it was, but I could see most people started to get drunk. As the night progressed, people started to kissing each other. Even guys to guys, and they are straight people. My friend came at 9pm, because families/friends were only allowed from 9pm, and he said he had never seen any straight guys turned gays after being drunk. There were also some boys and girls kisses around, and I thought it would be awkward the next day when they see each other at that time.

I was a little bit drunk myself, but not as drunk as a lot of people. I was grabbed by someone who I have never seen before on the dance floor, that was quite scary. Hence, I told myself that I cannot get drunk. I was able to enjoy myself more after my friend arrived, because I felt safe when he’s around. Overall, it was a fun event.

I had no problem getting up and go the work the next day. There were quite a few rumours flying around. Some we just talked as jokes, others were more like suspicious, such as who might like whom. My conclusion was, every one was drunk and they would like to think other people were drunk too so no one would know what they were doing.

A picture of me at the party, I took this photo with a colleague, I haven’t asked her if I could put it on my blog, so I cropped the picture.

Me at company Christams Party