I just picked up my new passport from post office today, which means I can go to any country I want and able to come back. The process was faster than I expected, the estimate was 14 days, I got it in 8 days, including weekend.

Of course the first country I’ll go is Taiwan and I have been planning since last December. However, I have been putting off things, such as apply for leave, apply for passport and book flights. My leave application has been granted just yesterday, but I’ll need to apply for two more days if I want to get a cheaper flight. Blah, should have started the preparation earlier.

I think getting the passport is the last step in the migration process. It started from moving over here, apply for permanent resident, register for national health system, then citizenship and become a registered voter and finally the passport. It went very smoothly for me when comparing with some other people. I guess I’m kind of lucky.

Oh, I’m going to vote on March 24th. Hope I won’t forget.