Went back to Taiwan for 12 days, it was nice. Visited quite a few places, even took the high speed train once. I think I’ll put them on here later on…

In short… the air quality in Australia is much much better. Chinese everywhere in Taiwan, and English everywhere in Australia. I know it is normal and nothing to feel strange or surprised about. But that’s how I feel. As soon as I got out of the airplane in Taiwan, everything is in Chinese, I couldn’t really get use to it. Then as soon as I arrived in Australia, everything is in English, it also took me a while to feel comfortable with it.

In Taiwan, almost the third cosmetic product on the shelf is about whitening or brighten your skin tone. This is a very rare product line in Australia as most people would like to have tan skin color. The medium size clothes in Taiwan is bit small for me while it’s big too big for me in Australia.

The public transportation in Taiwan is super cheap compared with Australia and much more convenient, at least in Taipei. More yummy food in Taiwan! That’s a very important one. Sounds like Taiwan is better than Australia doesn’t it? However, I still prefer to live in Australia.