I flied to Taiwan on March 29, which was Thursday. I took Singapore Airline, so I had to stop over in Singapore and waited for close to 3 hours, then continue to fly to Taiwan. Left Sydney home 4 something in the morning, arrived Nankan home some time after10 I think, the whole Thursday was gone like that. There is nothing much to talk about for March 29th, so I’ll just start from March 30th, Friday.

March 30th Friday: Facial, hair, had dinner with my mom’s parents and had photo taken for the new national ID card.

March 31st Saturday: Visited Dad’s parents at the cemetery, lunch at the famous Shanghainese restaurant. Visited Taipei 101, then dinner with mom at another Shanghainese restaurant.

April 1st Sunday: Spent whole day at the National Palace Museum and then dinner with uncle’s family at another Shanghainese restaurant.

April 2nd Monday: Got the new national ID card. Went to a temple in Neihu in the afternoon. Had dinner with family at a Taiwanese restaurant, then headed off JingShang for taro balls and hot grass jelly.

April 3rd Tuesday: Went to LongShang Temple, looked for so called monk shoes. Appointment with dentist, then dinner at TGI Fridays before heading home.

April 4th Wednesday: Spent whole day in Nankan. Looked for a bank that exchanges Australian money into New Taiwan Dollars. Had dinner and tea with friends from Rocky.

April 5th Thursday: Woke up late, so just went to the market near Nankan home, had food from street and then my brother came over to stay for the long weekend.

April 6th Friday: Went to Taipei, had Haagen-Dazs ice cream. Then head off to Tonghua night market with a friend from Sydney.

April 7th Saturday: Took high speed train to Taipei, visited both computer and jade markets.

April 8th Sunday: Aunty treated us YumCha for lunch, then went to WuLai hot spring and visit the aboriginal place near the hot spring area.

April 9th Monday: Did sword shopping, went to XiMengDing, then WanHua night market with that friend from Sydney and her friend.

April 10th Tuesday: Last day in Taiwan, spent whole day just resting in Nankan, only went out to buy some blank DVDs. Had dinner with friends from Rocky at an all you can eat BBQ restaurant and went to a golf range with them.

Had to fly back to Sydney in the afternoon on April 11th. As soon as we woke up, we started packing and cleaning the place up a bit. As I have already predicted, I forgot to pack some things. Lucky my dad should come to Sydney sometime in the near future, so he can bring what ever I left there over here.

It rained almost every day when we were in Taiwan. The only time we used sunglasses was in the taxi on the way to the airport.