It happened every time I went back to Taiwan for holiday. The first thing my mom arranged for me was a visit to the beautician and hairdresser. I don’t mind the hairdresser, it’s okay for me to sit in the hair salon for half day, some times even one day, without doing anything besides reading magazines and watching how hair turns out for other customers. However, it is a totally different story when I visit the beautician.

I have a lot of blackheads and pimples, so it is very painful for me to have a proper facial. However, to be beautiful is one of my goals, well, sort of a goal. I can only suck it up, and go throw that painful procedure. This beautician is very good, she cleaned out all the blackheads and pimples. The worst part was when she cleaned out the old pimples. Some times the surface of the skin might be smooth, but the pimple itself just dived, so I would have this black dot on my face.

The beautician would use some sort of needle to poke the skin first, then uses some sort of tool to squeeze the pimple out. Most of the time, I could tolerant the pain. Some times, it is just too much for me and I have to cry. Amazingly, it doesn’t seem to hurt that much when the tears come out. My friend went with me, he had a few blackheads, but the beautician told her assistant not to squeeze too hard, because he’s white. White people have thinner skin, so cannot squeeze too hard. Lucky him!

After the painful procedure, it’s time to enjoy the relaxing part of facial process. The beautician put some kind of cream to help to reduce the redness (the result after squeezing), and then a thick layer of jelly thingy to supply moisture to the skin. Because we went there in the morning, so after putting on the jelly, we had lunch there. I can’t remember every thing we had for lunch now, just remember we had fish, soup and papaya for fruit. The lunch was very nice, and the papaya was super sweet. An excellent meal.

After the facial, I wanted to take bus to the hairdresser’s shop because I thought I knew how. But I was wrong. The bus only took us to that area, which was still a bit of walk to the hairdresser’s shop. We could have taken another bus, but it wasn’t that far, so we walked a bit, until my mom called. I thought she booked 4 o’clock for us, but it was actually 2 o’clock. So we took a cab there. Saw my mom for the first time at the hair salon. I haven’t met her after getting off the plane, only my dad and my brother picked us up. Mom still looks great, can’t believe she’s 60 this year.

I had a hair cut, which cut off all the split and dry ends, then coloured, a brownish colour. My friend had a simple hair cut. The assistant massaged my head while washing the hair, it felt nice. After the hair was done, one of the assistants put on some makeup on me for the photo shoot after dinner. At that time, I was thinking how to take a photo with all those red spots, the result of squeezing the pimples and blackhead, on my face. Mom said don’t worry about that, and it was true.

After a hard day of being pampered by others, we had dinner with my grandparents. My grandmom prepared my favourate dish. Well, she didn’t prepare it herself because of the hard work involved in making this dish, she instructed her care taker to make the dish. It’s not exactly same as what she used to make, but it’s close enough. I can’t find it anywhere else.

After dinner, we headed to the photo shop for me to take photo for me to apply the new ID card. The photographer used a digital camera to take the photo, as soon as the photo was taken, he took the memory card out of the camera and put it into a computer. Then he started the photoshop and demonstrated his photoshop skills. At first, he erased all the red spots from the facial, thinner my jaw, then he moved on to fix my nose and eyes. He even made this pretty smile on my face. I looked pretty in the picture! But that’s not all, that was only a draft, he had to fix the minor details overnight, so we could only pick up the photos the next day.

That concluded our first day in Taiwan.