First thing, I bought myself a new computer monitor, 22″ wide screen LCD monitor. It is huge! Especially compared with the 15″ I used to have. I still keep the 15″, it is now in my room with the mini computer, will set it up as soon as I get another extension power cable with multiple plugs. I have everything ready for the second computer, spare keyboard, spare mouse and spare set of speakers. I even re-arranged the room to fit the computer in there.

Second, I have this little flu at the moment, not serious, don’t have fever, just sore throat and cough some times. Think I’m quite lucky this winter, a lot of my colleagues were sick that they had to take several sick leaves. I don’t mind taking sick leaves, just hate what fever can do to me.

Third, I’m running low on money, can’t wait for the next pay, which isn’t so far away, another few days to go. But I don’t think I’ll be able to get much back from tax return this year, plus the up coming car registration. Looks like I’ll have to watch my wallet very closely for the next few months, maybe the rest of this year.

Fourth, the teenagers! Gosh, why most of them think that no one understands them? I was one of them before, so I totally understand why some teenagers behave that way. And now, I know how stupid I was. I tried to tell some younger people about my experience, but they don’t care. Oh well, it’s not my problem, they are not my kids.

Last one for now, shit stirrer. Every company has at least one I believe. I try my best to be far away from them when they are talking shits. They are not bad people, it’s quite funny to talk to them sometimes. It’s when they talk about rubbish that I can’t stand.

It feels so different to use this huge monitor…