Is it just me or what? Seems like there are a lot of pregnant women this year. Three people I know gave birth this year, all girl babies.

A friend just gave birth to a baby girl last Friday, she’s not the first friend who gave birth, but her baby is the youngest baby I have ever seen. How young? The baby was less than 12 hours old when I first saw her. Most people would say I shouldn’t visit them so quick, I should let them have a rest. But how could I? The proud parents invited me to visit the baby, so I had to go. What do I think about babies? They are soft and tiny. And women rules.

If you don’t agree with that, just think who gave you the life. You could argue that men have some contributions too, which I’d agree. However, if it wasn’t for those women who were willing to go through the morning sickness and the painful delivery process, would you be here at all?