After a week’s hard work, I’d like enjoy myself on the weekends. Doesn’t have to be a huge weekend, I’d be happy just stay at home, watch bit of television, read a book or just sleep in. But in most weekends, I also have to do chores.

I don’t usually do washings during week days, unless it’s absolutely necessary. I have enough clothes to last me the whole week. Actually, more than enough for a week. I usually wake up around 8 or 9 o’clock on the weekend morning (so much for sleep in), have a cup of coffee, read stuff from the net, then off to separate clothes and put them in the washing machine in different batches. Depends on the mood and supplies at home, I may just vacuum the place or do grocery shopping.

Usually it takes half day to finish the basic chores, and in some weekends, it’d take nearly a day. Depends on what I want to do. It’s actually not bad to do some chores on the weekend.