where to start? hummm… most of my colleagues are white. in my little group, three australians, one english, two asians, which i’m one of them and the other one is casual. the australians and english really know how to fight for their rights, and thanks to them, now i receive penalty rates for doing overtime. but on the other side, they always chat. they chat about how they are treated unfairly, they complaints about the management, or they just chat chat and chat.

sometimes i agree with them, there’s a lot of work need to be done, but not enough people. very often, i need to do things for other people, sometimes it’s just too much that i have to say “no, find someone else, thank you”. most of the time, my colleagues annoy me. really, if they talked less, they could have more done. and i don’t have the time to listen to their complaints.