Work had been very mean to me today, troubles fell on my head like thunderstorm. People chased me like hungry dogs, and things just piled up higher than Everest through out the day.

It’s nearly 9pm at the moment, I should be in bed, read a book and get ready to sleep. I tried, I read the book, but it didn’t help to relax me. I want to go out and be crazy, but I have to work tomorrow, and it’s only Wednesday. I don’t usually feel like being crazy at any time, but now, I want to be drunk.

I can hear thunder outside, and I saw lightening just before. Hope it rains soon, it’s bit too warm for me to sleep. I desperately need sleep, so I can face whatever will be thrown at me tomorrow and finish whatever I didn’t get around to do.

Either, I need a holiday, or I need a new job. I’ve learned a lot from this place, too much, actually. It feels like my brain just grows bigger and bigger each day, and will explode sooner or later. It’s like what others say, this job is consuming me bit by bit.