So, what did I do today? The usual stuff. Had facial in the morning. My my… It hurts a lot. The beautician was doing her best to get all those stubborn pimples and blackheads out of my face. However, it hasn’t finished yet, I will go back there on Saturday for the rest.

In the afternoon, had a haircut and then some highlights. I asked the hair dresser if they’d do half head and whole head for highlights in Taiwan. The answer was no. It’s quite interesting. In Australian, if you don’t have enough money for the full head of foils, you can only have half head done.

Afterwards, went to mom’s parents’ place for dinner. Neither mom nor dad could make it for dinner tonight, so it were just my brother and me. I got there before my brother. As soon as grandmom saw me, she started to cry. She complained that everything is wrong with her and she’s feeling very sick. I asked her what the doctor said, she said just it’s just the age. I told her to go out and walk around, so she doesn’t stay at home all day. However, she just refused to do so. I believe it’s more of the mental issue rather than physical issue. Grandmom cried many times when I was there, which wasn’t very nice. She’d only push everyone away from her by doing so.

Think my grandpa is much happier than grandmom. He went to church at 4:30pm, even though the mess didn’t start till 8:00pm. I didn’t get to see my grandpa today.