It’s Boxing day, most people in Australia would have gone shopping, most people in Taiwan would have been at work. As for me, I was sick. I was awake in the morning, mom called, and heard me coughing, so she asked me to go to Taipei earlier to see a doctor. By 11am, I couldn’t stay awake anymore, so I had a nap for around 2 hours.

Mom said she’d take me to see the doctor, so I met her at her office, we walked to the doctor’s clinic. It’s not far, but still took us 45 minutes to get there. I forgot how efficient Taiwan doctors are. I was number 13, and I only waited half hour before doctor saw me. I had infection in the throat. Apparently it was terrible, because doctor said it must be very painful. He’s not wrong, I was having problem sleeping the night before because it hurt too much. I woke up many times to gargle with salt water and drink warm water to relief the pain. The doctor put some sort of medicine on my throat with a stick, I nearly vomit. But it worked, my throat was alright straight away. Basically, I have the flu that’s very common in Taiwan at the moment.

I still had an hour before seeing the dentist, so I bought two salad buns on the way home. Once at home, I ate the buns and took the medicine. Then dad took me to see dentist. I didn’t have the general cleaning done, because there were cavities and they started to affect me. Whenever I had something cold, there was this sore feeling. The doctor fixed the cavities in that area. There are still cavities in other areas, but they are still alright, and we didn’t have enough time to fix everything. What really surprised me was that I didn’t cough at all when the dentist was trying to fix the cavities. Once the dentist announced it’s done, I started to cough.

So yeah… That’s my Wednesday. Pretty boring isn’t it?