I started this shake diet on the 2nd of January. Why 2nd? Because 1st of January was still a holiday, and I wanted to enjoy food for the last time before I go on this 3-month diet thing.

Why do I need a diet? I’m not particularly fat, just a little bit big. However, my mom and dad think I’m fat, compared with most girls in Taiwan. In Australian, I’m considered normal in size. I do realize my tummy is a little bit bigger than what it supposes to be, and I don’t mind to have smaller arms and thighs. Hence, I sort of agreed to start this diet.

The whole thing consists of some tablets, drink mix and protein powder. I need to take a total of 6 tablets before the shake. Then shake the drink mix and protein powder with milk. For these few days, they are my main meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Well, today is the third day, and I already had proper food for dinner twice. Guess it’s harder than I thought. Mom did tell me that I should have some vegetables for lunch though.

One thing I found is that I’m having problem going to toilet, I’m a little bit constipated. I didn’t want to go to toilet for the past two days, when I finally did today, it was bit painful. I told mom about this, and she said I need to drink a lot of water, at least 3L a day. Okay, that’s bit difficult. I hardly drink water, it has no taste. But after today’s experience, I think I’ll try to drink as much water as I can every day. Don’t want to have a sore bum all the time.