For some reason, I couldn’t remember there is a word for tonight, so I used this night as the title. It is 2am at Sydney, and I just woke up from coughing. This afternoon I felt my throat was a little bit sore. Maybe I’ll check if I have any medicine in my utility box later. It’s a bad time for me to be sick, I can’t afford to have some time off. Also, I have an interview this afternoon. Same company, different position. I don’t really want to leave the company, we just merged with another company, a famous one. Although it doesn’t really affect me, it does sound better when I said the name.

I like my job, but it’s just too much for me to handle right now. There used to be two people doing what I’m doing at the moment. Team leader did say that he’d help me to sort out this new role in the coming months, so I don’t have to do so much. I’m doing over time every day now, and this situation has last for half year already. I don’t know if I can last another several months. So at one crazy and frustrated moment yesterday, I sent my resume to our HR department saying I would like to apply for a position that’s available. And few hours later, I got reply from this person saying she would like to have a chat with me.

I have no idea what that position is and what is involved. I just know it would have a lot of interactions with the sales people, and I don’t particularly like the sales people. In my first year working at this company, I practically had to contact with any of the sales. I didn’t know their names, although I did know what sales do. It’s not until I moved onto my second role that I started to have contacts with the sales. First via email, then some odd phone calls, and finally, they started to come to my desk and talk to me. I appreciate what they do, they are the main source of my income, and some of them are actually nice. For some reason, I just don’t like the sales, maybe it’s because it needs a lot of interactions with the customers. Or maybe it’s the way some companies calculates the salaries base on how many sales a sales person can make. It’s one of the jobs I wouldn’t want to apply.

This job is not a sales position, it just interacts with the sales people a lot. I guess you can call it sales assistant in some ways. In our internal post, it doesn’t explain much about the job. So I wouldn’t have a clue what may come in the interview. Theoretically, I should be in bed and have plenty of sleep. However, I’m sitting in front of a computer at 2 something in the early morning updating my blog.

I took a few more pictures over the past few days, but I’m over my monthly internet usage quota. the ISP has capped the speed, and I can’t bear the waiting of uploading the pictures. I’ll post the pictures after ISP uncapped the speed.