Last week wasn’t my best week, I definitely had better ones. Started with this every month thing, so I was bit down. Of course, it wasn’t the only thing. As I said, I was only a little bit down, which is actually better than other times. However, on Thursday night, while I was sleeping, I had this cramp on my left calf, so I tried to get rid of it by stretching. Then suddenly, I felt something at the neck to back on my left side. I thought to myself, xxxx, I pulled the muscle again.

No doubt, on Friday morning, I was having problem turning my head. Every time I tried to turn my head, I felt pain. And it wasn’t a good day to have back pain, because we changed seats in the office on Friday. Hence, I was cleaning my new desk with the back pain. I was careful not to do anything stupid the rest of Friday, I thought I had succeed. I didn’t, I couldn’t sleep on Friday night because I couldn’t find a position that wouldn’t cause the pain.

Drove to my friends’ place for emergency massage. Maybe you’d think why bother, it’s only back pain. But it was super painful, for example, when I drove the smallest speed bump, there was the pain, and I’m not good with pain. Anyway, after the message, some heat pads, and two hot water bottle, I was feeling a little bit better. I also took two pain killer, then I had dinner with them.

After dinner, I was standing there while my friend was trying to adjust my back. I had this strange feeling while I was having dinner, something I couldn’t quite understand, I only knew I had to sit down or I might vomit or something. Then I knew what happened, while we were standing there trying to adjust my back, every thing started to become blur. I started to loosing vision, then hearing was starting to leaving me as well, told my friend about the situation and said I need to sit down. Man, he was more nervous then I was. I felt much better as soon as I sat down, but they wouldn’t allow me to standing up for a good 10 minutes or so.

Anyway, now I’m confident to say that I know when I’m going to faint. I’d start with loosing either vision or hearing, the other will quickly follow. But I’d be back to normal as soon as I sit or knee down. I’m proud to say, it only happened twice, including Friday night. However, the first time freaked me out. I was waiting for bus to go home on one weekend around 1 or 2 am. It started with the hearing, I didn’t think much about it at first, then my vision started to fade, until I couldn’t tell anything. I could still see the shape of cars or people. I started to panic and tried to walk to a place where I can sit down. Then both vision and hearing were gone totally, I was in total darkness and fell. As soon as I fell, I started to gain my hearing and vision back, how amazing was that?!