My actual quit smoking date was set as yesterday, but I had 3 cigarettes yesterday. I had a day off yesterday, so I wasn’t alerted in the morning. I only remembered that I wasn’t suppose to smoke after the first puff. I should have put it out straight away, but I didn’t. I thought it would be wasteful. Two hours later, I lighted up my second cigarette thinking it wouldn’t hurt because I had one earlier already. Then I went out and didn’t have any more cigarette while I was outside. The third cigarette was lighted after I got home at night, I told myself “I’ll start tomorrow”.

This morning, I lighted up a cigarette and had a puff. Then I remembered again, yelled to myself “NOOOO, it’s not happening again”, so I put it off. The bad thing is that I didn’t actually throw it away, the remaining was sitting in the ashtray. Hence, when I got home after work today, I smoked the remaining cigarette.

I still had 5 packs plus 6 cigarettes left when yesterday started. When I went out yesterday, I gave my friend 4 packs. I gave the remaining ciggies to my colleague. Righ at this moment, I don’t have any cigarettes with me now. However, it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t go crazy and drive to a shop to buy a pack. I can only hope it won’t happen. After all, I don’t have the urge to smoke at all now, it’s more like a habbit. When I’m bored, I just wanna grab one and light it up.