This is a very stressing month. Work has been busy, it’s usually the busiest month for this role, and it’s worse when one of my team mates is on personal leave. She’s been away for a week now, and no one knows if she could make it to work this week or not. I don’t blame her, when you are sick, you are sick.

Besides work, living has become an issue as well. The owner sold the place I’m living at the moment, so I have to move out by December 8th. Even though I now found a place, there is no way I can move into that place by December 8th. If I’m lucky, I can move in by December 20th. I’m going to find out if I could ask for 3 weeks extension on this place.

It’s already too much for me to handle, then there was the family. The good thing is Mom’s strong and hopefully my brother could provide some help and support by being there.

There’s this strange feeling in my chest, it’s like a huge emptyness inside my chest, it’s expanding and squashing everything inside.