I think I’m having my worst PMS depression at the moment. I can’t control myself, I cry a lot for the past three weeks. It’s okay if it happens when I’m at home, but it has happened when I was at work, and I had to go to toilet.

I guess it’s because the stress from work, from buying a home, from having to move before I can actually move into my new place, from missing my family and God knows what. It doesn’t help with my period being late, why is it irregular? Is the problem coming back? Should I go back to my doctor?

It’s no good, I can’t sleep because of the blocked nose from crying. Then I get more depressed when I can’t get enough sleep. It is a VICIOUS cycle, I want it to be broken now!

Sometimes I suspect that I have mental problems, I’m not exactly normal. But I think that’s okay in the modern days, everyone is bit psycho.