I bought a Wii some time last year, I thought it would be a good way to entertain myself. It’s okay, my life didn’t become more exciting because of it. I admit, I’m not a game person, that’s why I didn’t set the Wii up until last night since I moved here.

Recently, my colleagues and friends are bragging about Guitar Hero saying it’s a fun game, so I bought the band kit on Thursday. I set the Wii up last night, and started to play the guitar. And who knows? I played for nearly 3 hours, just on the guitar and easy mode. It’s actually quite fun to play, though I found it’s not that easy on my eyes. There are just too many colours on the screen, and I start to wonder if I’m colour blind.

There’s another thing, you know the feeling that every thing seems move backward when you stand still after a long time of driving? That’s what happened to me after each song. So, am I going to stop playing? Nah, I’ll keep going until the game bored me. On that note, time to play.