I haven’t been doing much. Been busy at work, it’s not easy to squeeze two people’s job into one day, really tired after work every day. Spent last weekend just bum around at home, didn’t want to go any where.

The bathroom was renovated, should take some pictures. I took two photos every day during the renovation. It starts from dirty, ugly to horrible then finally bright and clean. It’s still small, but I like it. Don’t think I’ll do anything about this place for a while. Still waiting for my new sofa set to arrive. It should come some time next month.

I’m addicted to reading Sookie Stackhouse series now. I bought the set, which contains 7 books, and I’m on the 4th book at the moment. Before this, I was ready A Game of Thrones. That’s a really good book, and I’m going to get the next three books after finishing the vampire story.

What else? Nothing else. Been missing my family and I wish my mom could come to visit me. Maybe I’ll mention that to her some day, after the sofa arrives, because it can turn into a double bed.