I attended a two-day course arranged by the company two weeks ago. The nature of the course is not that important for a personal blog. At the beginning of the course, the instructor has all of us paired up and tell the other person things about ourselves. One of the questions was if you had unlimited time and money, what would you do? Most of people said helping their closed ones and also travel the world. My answer? Unite the Earth.

I always hoped that there is no different countries on Earth, so people don’t need to apply for visas to visit places. Everyone treats other people as fellow country men, helping each others out, so there is no proverty nor war. However, as there are different kind of people, there bound to be some are evil. I’ll make them disappear from the Earth! To do that, I have to be the ruler of the Earth. I don’t believe there is anyone who was born evil, it must be something in the later stage that made one evil. As long as I get rid of existing evil ones and all the young ones are taught with proper education, there will be no evil on Earth any more.

Is it ever possible? I don’t know…