It’s the last Sunday for my 33 years of life, just 20 minutes passed. Well, according to Taiwan time, it’d still be Saturday. I feel sad, but don’t know why. Maybe because I’m getting old?

Learnt some work related thing last Thursday made me extremely upset. I’ll have a new team leader, whom I’ve heard nothing good about that person, in two weeks time. I just hope things will still be the same, and the new team leader won’t want to change anything about how I work.

This week has been cold, colder than usual. I hope it’ll be bit warmer on my b’day, I already planned what to wear to work, but it’s all good. If it’s going to be another cold day, I’ll just wear the big jacket. And yeah, I’m going to work on my b’day, nothing wrong with that, it’s just like every other day. Too bad I wasn’t born on a public holiday, or I could have a day off.

I’m in a sort of la la land at the moment, been drinking. Nothing good on tv. Was thinking about getting a cake tomorrow… oh no, later today, but what for? I’m not a cake person, the the cake won’t be fresh on Monday.

What my future holds? I don’t know…