It was a busy week for me. Went to Melbourne for training on Monday and Tuesday. I was bit scared at first, how was I going to learn everything they do over there in about 12 hours time? Turned out it was okay. The basic principles are pretty much the same. Just need to remember all the minor differences. I still have everything in my head, reviewing them every now and then so I don’t forget. The colleagues from there were super nice, which also helped a lot.

Tried to pass on the information I gained to the other colleagues back in Sydney on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Also had to do the usual tasks, plus a farewell lunch on Friday for one of the colleagues. It was sad to see him go, but also happy for him that he found something that pays better.

Donated blood on Thursday, apparently I gained 5 kilos since last donation that’s a bad news, but my red blood cell count also increased, which was a good news. I strongly suggest plenty of rest right after donating blood. I left donation center straight away and walked for 20 minutes to the tram station, that was a bad decision. Even breathing was hard after I arrived home. Like other donations, now I have a bruise.

Left work early on Friday night, got the car washed and my place cleaned up for my parents’ arrival. Haven’t seen my mom since last time I went back to Taiwan, and that was in August last year. The youngest uncle from mum side died some time ago, but I only found out why and how he died today. I haven’t been back to Taiwan since grandma from mum side died, so dad said I should go back some time soon to pay my respect. There’s only one grandparent left, that was my mum’s dad. Grandpa doesn’t recognize anyone now besides the two helpers. However, he’s happy. He asks one of the helpers to take him out every after after nap.