I was so drunk last night, never been this drunk before. It started as harmless drinking, watching The Simpsons, then progressed on to second glass, listening to music and smoking. Before I knew it, the third glass was finished and I was quite tipsy. The world was looking better, chatting to a friend on MSN, then the 4h glass gone. Now the world was spinning, music was still playing, did a little dance, thinking I might take up some dance lessons. I was on my 5th glass, half bottle of rum had gone bye bye.

Half way through the 5th glass, my lips and fingers were numb with a little bit of tingling sensation, it was fun. Then I realised, heart rate was racing, couldn’t breath properly. Okay, it was time for panicking, how to get all those extra alcohol out of me? Tried to throw up, nothing came out. Been to toilet a few times, but it wasn’t a good idea, only fluid came out, drinking more water. I couldn’t just lie down, couldn’t stay still, my head was spinning, I was restless. Pacing up and down the hall way until all the energy was out of me completely. Time for bed.

It was my body that was drunk, not my mind, otherwise I wouldn’t have remembered any of those.