Had a nap in the afternoon, which supposed to be relaxing, but I think I had the worst nightmare. When I was living at the previous place, I had a lot of what is called lucid dreams. It hadn’t happened since I moved to this place until this afternoon. I still don’t know if I was dreaming or I was actually awake…

It felt like I woke up from sleep suddenly, but still had my eyes closed, then there was the feeling that I couldn’t move my body at all. Right at that moment, I remembered something my colleague told me, try to control the situation, then you could fly. I tried that, and I actually felt like my body had elevated from the bed, then straight away, someone wrapped the blanket around me, I heard the sound of blanket being patted down and the movement of mattress, I was trapped. I had the feeling of being lifted up and put on the floor, then I drifted out.

I was in bed again when my brain came around, still trapped in blanket. Tried to open my eyes, which I have never tried to do before in this situation, because I was afraid of what I might see. With great difficulty, my eyes opened, my room became dark lavender colour, everything was in that dark blueish and purplish colour. That’s not the colour of my room, the walls are in fact cream colour! My eyes were closed again.

Suddenly it felt like someone was right next to my bed, I opened my eyes again, still with difficulty, and my room was still filled with that dark lavender colour. I saw this man kneeing on the floor on my right hand side of the bed, with his chin resting on the mattress and his hands clasped with each other in front of his face. He wasn’t looking at my direction, and I couldn’t make out his features clearly, I just knew he’s Asian looking with short hair. I was scared and I still couldn’t move! My eyes closed again.

Right at this moment, I felt the guy disappeared from my right hand side, and someone was lying down my my left hand side. And that person was touching me!! For some unknown reason, I didn’t think this person was that Asian man I saw earlier. This is the second time I felt someone was touching me while I was in sleep paralysis phase. I was absolutely terrified. I still couldn’t move a single muscle, but I was trying very hard to grab that person’s hands so that person couldn’t touch me anymore. Seemed like that person knew I was scared, so he / she hold on to my hands.

I wanted to scream, I couldn’t open my mouth. I used all my energy trying to move at least one finger, even just one small, tiny movement. I did it! The other pair of hands disappeared, along with the owner of the hands. I opened my eyes, everything in my room was back to normal. I was panting very hard. I lay in the bed, feeling nothing but truly scared. Then I fell asleep again…