It’s mid August already, time flies! Haven’t recorded much about the life, busy with games on facebook, things changed in the life and mostly, lazy.

I started doing some exercise by taking train to work everyday. It’s about 15 minutes walking from my place to the train station, and around 20 minutes of walking between the train station and work. Hence, I get to walk for an hour every day. The first two weeks were horrible, my shins suffered from excruciating pain from walking, but it’s okay now.

I also applied for another position within the company. I quit like what I’m doing at the moment, but I don’t really some of the team members. It makes things difficult sometimes when I have to work very closely with them. Also, I have learnt everything I can learn and able to resolve most of the problems myself. The job is getting a bit dull. I’ve only realized it recently that I do like working, especially when I can get satisfaction from resolving complicated or difficult issues. However, the chance of this happening is getting less and less.