Most people would have been taught to help others from young, I’m no exception. I was told that I should try my best to help when ever I can, to strangers and to friends who are in need of help. However, I have also heard enough stories to not to trust everyone who knocks on my door asking for help.

4 weeks ago, I let someone I knew to stay at my place because he just came back to country and he had no place to stay. It is not easy to find a rental place in Sydney, the rents are quite expensive and some areas just simply don’t have enough rental properties. For a short period of time, I didn’t have a place to stay and had to survive on my friend’s kindness to crash at his place for a while. I know how it feels.

I thought this person would find a place as soon as he could, what I didn’t know was that he wasn’t looking at anything that’s available. He was only looking for place that he likes, right in the middle of the city with a view. It took him 4 weeks to find one that he likes and he could afford!! 4 weeks is actually alright, it’s not even 1 month yet. However, 4 weeks can feel like a life time when you have to live with someone who annoys the crap out of you.

I will definitely think everything through next time before I let anyone stay at my place!